The Last two days I had Louisiana Guide Jason schilling from New Orleans Style Fishing Charters and his lovely wife Jessica.
This was a Xmas gift from his wife a two day fishing trip with
“The Hawghunter “. 
J&J c
 On Day one the action started out on the first cast, as Jason score the first of many that day. As we worked our way through the  canals of South Florida .
 J&J Jess
Then Jason caught his Trophy , a monster 6.12 LB. Butterfly Peacock Bass. By the end of the day the couple caught over 25 fish total and some nice ones at that.
 J&J 6.12 LB.
Now on day two they had a fantastic Banner Day catching 54 Peacock bass up to 5.1 lb. and two Doubles .
 J&J 5.1lbJ&J Double
They had a blast catching a combined total of over 75 Peacock Bass Largemouth  bass , mylans, and some other species.
J&J 6.12 LB.
The fishing is red hot so come on down and get out of the cold , “NOW”.