After a very successful Trip last year, David & Max Bahr from Minn. came back for some more exciting Florida fishing with , “The Hawghunter, Capt. Frank Carbone.
On day 1 we hit the Everglade’s for some non stop action , mostly top water . The boys caught over 60 Bass up to 4 lb. As Dave hold up his catch.

4lb. Everglade's

On day 2 the boys went down to Miami for some strong fighting Peacock Bass,last year Max caught a nice 7 lb. Peacock Bass and the bragging right for that trip.
On this day Dave is holding his nice peacock of the day, which included several others.
The real excitement came on Day 3 when I treated the duo to some fantastic Okeechobee Top Water action using the new Gambler EZ Swimmer, if you haven’t tried this bait go out and get it, it’s the greatest bait since the Flappin’ Shad.
The boys rose 8 bass over 5 lb. but only managed to put 3 big one in the boat.
Here are some of these Big Bass.
Lake Okeechobee Bass
Lake Okeechobee is the place to be right now if your looking for big Bass.
Contact Frank for your next trip to the lake.