Harry Gualco from Oregon, a Pro angler who has fished the world for over 35 years, decided to see what Florida had to offer.
Harry came down with 5 other anglers for 4 days of fishing .
The first day we headed to the Florida Everglades for Largemouth Bass. Amazed by the amount of fish that were caught in one day, Harry new he found a new fishing destination. Harry counted over 170 Bass that day with the least amount one boat caught was 87, all the bass were caught on artificial.
Day 2
Went to Miami for some Peacock Bass fishing, the amount of fish caught was no where near the amount in the Glades. What was agreed, the fight of the Largemouth Bass was no match of that of the Peacock Bass . The Peacock Bass pound for pound is the most hardest fighting freshwater fish there is.Miami Peacock Bass
  After a hard day of Fishing we headed for our favorite watering hole, Sonia’s for some great Cuban food and cold beer.
Day 3
Was the hit of the trip as the boys experienced The Big “O”, Lake Okeechobee.
All my guides boated Bass over 5 lbs. and several bass in the 2.5 – 4 lb. range.

6.6 lb. Largemouth

The bait of choice was the NEW Gambler EZ swimmer , if you haven’t tried this bait , go out and buy it. This bait is a top water plastic bait , that drives the bass crazy. It has a lot of noise and vibration as you swim it through the heavy cover or open water. If you don’t know where to buy them you can order them direct on my site.

Harry & Darryl had a blast catching several bass and loosing some “Hawgs” in the weeds until that got the idea of the hook set. The highpoint of the day was when on the last cast Harry hit a 7.15  lb. and then Darryl doubles with a 5. 15 lb. to end a great day on Okeechobee.
There were other Bass that day caught 4 more over 5 lb. and 2 over 6 lb.
Day 4 no doubt was back to the Lake for more fantastic top water action.
If your looking to catch that Lunker Bass give Capt. Frank Carbone a call, “The Original Hawghunter of South Florida”. Let him show you where the Big Bass are.
Give me a call you won’t regret it. 954-325-1115