Repeat client Paul Verde from MN. decided to get out of the cold and coming on down to catch some Big Bass on  lake Okeechobee  and so he did.
On day one he boated over 20 bass up to 7 lb.
  Verde 1 Verde2    
Then ended the day with catching a 4 lb. on a Gambler Ace and the newest addition to the Gambler line up “The Burner” , don’t go fishing without it. The actipon on this worm is great and has a lot of vibration to attract the Bigger Bass.

Burner worm
Then on day two we started out the morning with artificial plastics. The bait of choice this day was Gambler Big EZ ‘s and Fat Ace color didn’t seem to make a difference.
 Big EZFat ace
By around noon we decided to drown a few shiners, now here’s where all the big bass came in . Paul had none stop action for 2.5 hrs. catching several Bass up to 7.5 lb.
Then it happened in front of our eyes this Lunker Bass crushed and ate the biggest shiner in the live well . With a massive explosion and a great hook set , Paul landed his dream Bass ,as the scale was bouncing from 9.14 Lb. to 10.1 lb. so we can call it a 10 lber.  27.5 ” X 17″
 lake Okeechobee, Florida bass, Okeechobee Guide, florida fisahing
10 LB. “HAWG”
What away to spend two great days of fishing. , Then he headed back to 10 degree weather. 🙁
The next Day I had of couple of Jersey Boy’s Todd Sagas and his Uncle John. We started the day out in the fog throwing Gambler produce again catching bass between 2-5 lb. and breaking off a “HAWG” in the buggy whips.
Following the same pattern as the day before we headed to one of my honey hole’s and started slamming bass after bass on Wild shiners again.
Todd within 2 mins. landed this 5 lb. Then john answered back with his nice bass.
The boys put 40 + bass in the boat up to 6-7 lb. several over 4 lb. and only 4 under 3 lb. again the Action on Okeechobee is nothing less then “Fantastic”.
So hop a plane or get into your car or anyway you can get down here while the action is “ON”. Capt. Frank Carbone , “The Hawghunter”  and his staff of Guides work hard 7 days a week to service you. Also don’t forget our Scrappy fishing Florida Peacock Bass . 954-325-1115