For the past 3 Days I had long time return client Chris King and his girlfriend Denise O’Donnell from Tenn.


On Day 1 we did the Everglades the couple caught both Largemouth and Peacock Bass Oscar and a chain pickeral . They caught several Largemouth and some peacock bass on Gambler Ace and shiners.

      King pick King 6 king evpKing Oscar

 Now day 2 we headed to a private lake where they caught the same but some bigger peacock bass up to 5 lb. and some largemouth in the 2-3 LB. range

King Pea2King P


Then the Banner day came when we hit Lake Okeechobee and they hit it hard. Right from the start the bass were coming in to the boat. Denise drew first blood, with a 5 lb. then Chris came back with a 4 lb.


Bass. As we moved around trying to find the right head they managed to put another 8 or 9 in the 2-4 LB. range. Then it happened, Denise hooked in to the fight of her life and she battled a true Okeechobee “HAWG”. This beast weighed in at 10 LB. 1 oz. 26.5 ” long and a girth of 18.5 “

King 10


The action continues and it became catching not fishing. as they boated 3-5 LB’ ers.


Now it was Chris’s time up to bat as he landed a 8 .8 LB Trophy bass.

 King 8.8king 8.82


By the end of the day this Tenn. couple landed over 40 Bass and used 5 Doz. shiners.


Call now while the action is “HOT”