Hi All, I have a Special for you, I’m hosting an All inclusive Trip to Mexico for Largemouth Bass on The Famed Lake Meteos.
Located in Sinaloa in the Sierra Madre Mountains of Western Mexico, Lake Mateos is a quaint lake that has amazing flats, rock islands, bluff shorelines, and rocky points. Historically, Lake Mateos is one of Mexico’s premier Largemouth Fishing holes. Renown for being the best top-water bait fishing in North America. Fishing on Lake Mateos is an fisherman’s dream! Huge numbers have been caught. Depending on the time of day, your average angler can catch dozens of prize fish!

The week of JAN 6 – 17 , 2013 Trip Includes :
4  nights 3 Days of fishing and transportation from Airport to Lodge, Meals, & Lodging for ONLY $1270.00

If you want to come for a 3 day fishing trip I would come in either on the 6 th or the 9 th.
(Best Moon )

The regular price for a 3 day trip is $1,495.00 the special we are running is $1,270.00
OR you can extent you Stay for a few dollars more.
If you want to do 4 days add $350.00  / 5 days add  $550.00

The regular price for a 6 day trip is $2,295.00 the special we are running is $1,959.00

The Lodge can hold up to 18- 20 Angler’s, great for corporate groups.
If you want to come for a trip of 6 full days of fishing I would come in on Jan 6 th. or 7 th . These are perfect date as per the Lunar Calander.
So get out of the Cold and Join me in Mexico for some great Top Water Action.
In closing I have 3 more spots for THE AMAZON on NOV 9-17, 2012 onboard The Logan. SPECIAL Price $4995.00
Capt. Frank Carbone