“The Tank” from Jersey takes on the Peacock Bass. It’s always good to have a fellow Jersey Boy onboard every now and then. Tank up until now only fished salt water  and had never fished for any fresh water  before , let alone Peacock Bass.
In 3.5 hrs. her successfully put 16 peacock Bass up to 5LB. and 10 Largemouth in to the boat.

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To show you how aggressive these peacock bass are Tank broke off the big peacock and 10 minutes later caught the same fish and retrieved my  Daiichi Bleeding Hook. I find a lo0t of my success is from using these hooks.
Tank HooksTank Pea 2


Now to add to this successful day Tank had an extra ticket for the Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons concert at the Hard Rock and invited me along. Now here’s the kicked, he invite me backstage to meet one of music’s icon of all time.

“Oh! What a Night”

Frankie Valli
Tank had grown up with Frankie , Joe Pesi , Frank Vincent , (Phil form The Saprano’s ) who I also met on the concert, and several other Celeb’s from the neighbor, the stories were great.

One of the things that keeps me guiding for the past 23 years is meeting  several great  people from around the States and The World and everyone has a story to tell.

This is a client that I will never forget , a great guy had a lot of laughs and made a new friend from Jersey. We are coming into our peak season for The Florida Peacock Bass, so book your date’s now . 954-325-1115