Our flight from Miami to Manaus was great. We were met at the airport by a driver and a English speaking guide set up by Jorge. after checking into the Tropical Manaus (which by the way was a very nice place) we went and had a great seafood lunch. After lunch went for a drive through town to the fish market,  what a very interesting place. Went back to hotel hang around the pool. That evening went to a Brazilian steakhouse for dinner.

We were taken to the airport and boarded a  plane to Barcelos. After a short 45 minute flight arrived at the Barcelos airport. A van took us to the mother ship (TUCUNA AMAZON). A very nice boat, large deck up top, nice dining room and comfortable sleeping quarters, bunk beds with A/C.  Jorge and the crew were great very nice and helpful.
The first day my son Brandon and I caught 18 fish from 4-13 lbs. Steve our other friend caught 8 fish from 3-9 lbs.
Val told us it would get better in a day or two. Told us we would catch some big fish and he was right. I did hook a solid 20 pounder on a white body red headed woodchopper.

What a thrill.

Amazon peacock bass,

22 LB. Bar

I caught a 22 pounder on a jig very exciting I actually saw the fish come and grab the jig. Later that day Brandon hooked a 20 pounder on a white body chartreuse head high roller
lure. , I was fishing with a jig and a big 22 pounder could not resist it. What a
beautiful fish.
About 30 minutes after I caught that fish, I threw my lure in a tree my guide was headed over to get it out, as he was reaching to unhook from tree we heard a huge explosion behind us. while we were getting lure from tree Brandon was fishing off the back he just hooked a big fish, guide kept yelling big fish big fish. This fish was strong trying to get in the trees finally got him to the boat. Val our guide and Brandon very excited weighed in just a tad over 11 kilos which is a very nice 24 pounder.

24 LB. monster Peacock Bass

This fish tried to swallow a high roller “Halloween” lure. What a great day. .
Our big Peacoc Bass were
2-  20 pounders
2- 22 pounders
1- 24 pounder
Thanks Frank
John Leatherwood, San Antonio, Texas
Brandon Leatherwood,  San Antonio, Texas
Steve Huckabee, Forth Worth, Texas
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