The day wasn’t looking in our favor with dark clouds and a heavy down pour at the ramp before we launched the Triton. Well,I guess  the bass gods were looking down on us and you’ll  see why.

What a Banner Day for this Angler from PA. Gerg Lesnotk. The day started out with Greg catching a 5 lb. Largemouth on his third cast.

5 lb. Largemouth

As we fished down the canal of The everglades we were catching bass on a steady pace. Greg then caught a 2 .5 lb. Bass and , “stated that this is a great catch for his home waters. By the end of the day , he caught a bass that was and stated ‘ Oh! it’s ONLY 3.5 lb. Boy !  do we spoil our clients.
By mid day he had  the 5 lb. 2 4 lb. and several chunky 3’s.
Greg thought that these Bass were going to be his biggest
Then he tossed a worm in to the pads , and there was a Massive Explosion. Greg battled this nearly 9 lb. “HAWG” out of the pads into the open water, then proudly hold up his trophy and the Biggest Bass of his life.
Everglades Largemouth bass

A Monster Bass 9 lb.

This was mostly all top water action , Greg finished off his Banner day with a nice 6 lb. Greg will go back to PA. to brag about his day on the water with “The Hawghunter” Capt. Frank Carbone, Good Fishin’

What a Pair of Bass

 Greg caught a 25 lb. Bag of Bass ( 5 Bass )