Today was a great day as I enjoyed the Salines Family from Texas, Tony, Erica, Eric & Aidan. The Day started out with a heavy down pour which forced us to fish under a bridge. As soon as the rain stopped we spotted three Peacock Bass , but no luck in catching them.
So I ran to another spot, once there the action started. We had sighted a nice Peacock Bass up against the banks. Both Tony & Erica started to pitch for the first of several Peacock’s  to come. As always Lady Luck strikes again, as his lovely wife Erica was victorious.
Florida Peacock bass

A Happy face

Everyone caught a peacock bass even 4 year old Aidan , they also caught a few other tropical species.  to top out the day around 11 Peacock Bass  .
 You and your Family can also enjoy a day on the water with Capt. Frank, “The Hawghunter”