What a “Banner Day” for the Balack Brothers John & James from North Florida.
Jim was visiting from Iowa and wanted to spend a day on the water. They got to the ramp a bit late ,so we didn’t start fishing until 10:40 am  with blue bird sky’s and nil wind, so keep that in mind .
Jim started things off in less then 5 mins. with a nice 4 lb. Bass. on a Gambler Big EZ , while John was fishing off the back dragging shiners.
 Florida Everglades bass
Next James struck again with a massive explosion and landed a 5 lb. on top. The wind started to pick up a bit and John got his first in the boat , then another around 5 lb.

Everglades Bass 6 lb. Beauty

Throughout the day the brothers caught 15 bass all but two were over 3 lb. with a pair of  6 ‘s . This was the best day both have ever had on the water and catching their biggest. ever.

Over 20 lb. bag

I even caught a 6 lb bass while trying another color.

Capt. Frank finding a pattern

The fishing has been good especially The Everglade’s and Lake Okeechobee.  The peacock Bass has been staying steady giving first timers a nice thrill. So give Capt. Frank Carbone “The Hawghunter” a call on your next visit to south Florida.