Mike Garrett and his 15 year old Son Jace from Georgia had one of their most exciting fishing trip ever as they caught almost everything South Florida has to offer.

On day 1 we headed to Lake Ida for some Peacock Bass. The day started out with a double,”Wow”.



After catching 4 peacock ‘s , 3 Largemouth and 4 Mylan Cichlids , I decided to move the boys to one of my spots that has been producing a good number of fish ,and also where I filmed a show with The Bass Dr.

Garrett2Garrett Jace

Within the first 10 mins. they had boated 4 peacock bass and the excitement didn’t stop there.

As you can see Florida it the only place you can catch both Peacock & Largemouth Bass at the same time.



Young Jace hooked into what we thought was a Trophy Peacock Bass., and to everyone’s surprise it was a Clown razor tail fish. This fish was not only a “HAWG”, but we believe was a World Record.

Garrett Razor
This fish was over 40″ and we estimated 15 LB. Mike looked it up and the record was 40 ” 13.8 LB.

At the end of day 1 the duo landed 19 fish total.11 Peacock Bass, 3 largemouth 4 Mylan’s and 1 Record Clown Razor tail fish.

On Day 2 we headed to “The Everglades” for Largemouth Bass combined we caught well over 100 Bass up to 5lb. all on artificial baits.
We started out with some top water. then switching over to Gambler’s EZ swimmer and Ace. On this day the bait of choice was the Ace working it with no weight.

GarrettGarrett bass


Needless to say these Georgia boys will be back in the fall for more Florida fishing with , “The Hawghunter”.