This past week I enjoyed repeat client Chessley Atchison and his Son Jesse from MD. Dad decided to take his oldest son fishing for a last escape of freedom, before he gets married at the end of this month.

On day one Dad took the bragging rights with the biggest bass a nice trophy 8 LB. Largemouth. Chessley caught this big gal on a shiner as were most of the fish caught today.

Florida everglades , bass fishing Ches Jess LM2

After the boys ran out of shiners the went to artificial bait mostly Gambler ace. to finish of the day with over 60 Bass several Chain Pickerel ,Oscar, Bofin, Gar and even a catfish.

The next two they fish for Peacock bass in Miami. they started out the first day with a double , a peacock bass and a largemouth.

Ches Jes dpouble

They had a ball with Dad and Jesse both catching some nice 4 lb. peacock bass , and one that , are ready for this one? I thought they had their third double , which turned out they both caught the same peacock bass. These fish are so aggressive the bass hit Jesse bait first then went to the front and nailed Dad’s.


They also caught Mylan and Mides chidlets, oscars , and Largemouth on the same day.

Ches Jes2Ches Jes1Ches Jes3Ches Jes4

This was a great way for Jesse to spend his last few days a single free man. Good Luck Jesse.

Join in on the fun as this Father & Son did you won’t regret it.