The Big Bass action still continues on Lake Okeechobee. As shown in this report by Ontario’s Bill Apt his sister Judy who caught most of the Big Bass today, and Friend Kathy.
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The start of the day was slow catching only a few bass. Then once the sun came up the action was non -stop.
The trio was catching mostly 2-3 lb. bass until Judy hooked into her “First” 10 lb. Trophy.

First 10 lb. Okee Trophy

Judy could do no wrong , it was her day to shine. She also caught an 8 lb. 7 lb. 6 lb. amongst several others in the 3-5 lb. Range.
Then if that wasn’t enough , she busted her 2nd 10 lb. Bass of the day. Anglers go all their lives without catching a 10 lber. ,and this lady angler landed two in one day.
John came back with his biggest 6 lb.

6 LB. Bass

Then Kathy answered back with her nice 5 lb. Bass.

Kathy's 5 lb.

These Canadian’s have a lot to go back to Canada with, stories, photo’s and memories. At the end of the trip and saying our Goodbye’s Judy, gave me one of the nicest compliments, ” Frank, You made my life” . The group all agreed that this was the bast fishing trip they had ever experienced and will be back for their third Outing.
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