Today I had filmed a TV  segment for Universal Huntress.  These are 4 lovely young woman that have a passion for Hunting, and now wanted to try out fishing for Peacock Bass. 


This was an interesting day, as I had to take two Huntress in the morning and the others in the afternoon. Everything turned out very successful and quite the enjoyable day.

Here are some of what the girls caught.

Kasi scored the two biggest a nice Large mouth & Peacock Bass

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Jen Caught a large Midas Cichlid and Peacock Bass


Norissa (Nur)                                                      Kasi Nur & Me                                                       

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Needless to say I enjoyed this day, they were all a pleasure and will be join me in The Amazon Nov. 2017 , if anyone is interested in joining and being a part of the Show. Call now for more details.

Capt. Frank Carbone – 954-325-1115