Caid bump from Kansas by himself boated 17 Peacock Bass in 3 hours while his wife stayed on the beach.

Caid 1 Caid kiss Caid

Next I had a great couple from NC Steve and Gina Petree. The couple decide to add an extra day to their cruise and try their luck with Peacock bass. So they did the couple caught in a 1/2 Day caught 17 peacock’s 2 mylan and  a snook and Jack plus had 3 doubles and both caught the same fish at the same time First hit Gina then went to the front and Steve’s Great Day.


Then I fish with a nice family that we had many thing in common. Robby Stef and Carson. Robby and Carson fished while Mom took pictures. They caught together over 20 including Carson’s Snook and 2 doubles

Carson snook Carson

Then there was John Rega from Georgia and his Son Noah. It was Noah’s 17 th birthday present, something he always wanted to catch,a peacock bass. This father and son team boated several peacock’s today. Maybe his 18 th birthday will be the Amazon. It was all about having fun today.

JRaga John rega Me john rega Noah John rega

It’s never too hot to fish in Florida for a great day of fishing. Call today for your next trip to South Florida.

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