Long and his two friends Sey & Kow from Minn.
While the boys sent the wives off to Orlando the men did some serious fishing.
On this split day we started out in Miami for some Peacock Bass. Within the first few hours they each had a few peacock’s before a storm forced us off the water.

Kow, Long and Sey

   A couple of nice Peacock Bass
By the time we got to the Everglade’s the storm had passed , and once the front went through, the Bite was on. In the remainder of the day the trio caught in the neighborhood of 100 Bass upto 3 lb. all on artificial baits. Mostly Gambler Ace.
South Florida is the only place in the World were you can catch both Peacock & Largemouth Bass at the same time. Join Capt. Frank Carbone, “The Hawghunter” and see what you are missing.