Today was a split day with Vic Campbell from Delaware and his Son Craig. Vic operates Potomac Guide Service and is also in the fishing industry. We started out in Miami catch 11 peacock’s before heading over to the Glades. Once in the Glades the boys caught several Bass up to 3-4 LB. Nothing of great size but a lot of action and a fun day of catching. Most of the bass were caught on Gambler Ace wacky style.
Last week I had Glenn Lapham and his Son Ryan from Boston for two day’s of fishing. South Florida is the ONLY place you can fish for both Largemouth and Peacock Bass in the same Trip.
They started out on day one for Peacock Bass fishing, which turned out to be a great choice for the first day.
Ryan started things out by hooking up to a nice 30 + lb. crap before we headed to the canals system for what they came for , Florida Peacock Bass. Again Ryan got things rolling by the first of 14 Peacock Bass 1 largemouth & 1 Jaguar Guapote.
 The day ended up with both men catching a double, from there we headed to Sonia’s for a nice Lunch.
Day two the boys had a ball in The Everglades catching Largemouth  one after the other with Ryan taking charge on this beautiful  day in the Glades.
Everglades Bass Fishing
. Also Ryan caught the Largest Bass. With Dad catching every species even caught a chain pickerel. The combined catch was well over 50 Bass.
Join me on your next visit to South Florida” Home of the Peacock Bass”. Let Capt. Frank show you how to catch them.