The Belle of The Amazon a 100 Luxury Yacht110 Ft. Luxury YachtWell the bite is still on and the water levels are perfect. The Belle and it’s Guides,with this small group of only 10 anglers they managed to catch 1440 Peacock Bass , the largest being 23.5 LB.

Amazon Nov.08 135.jpg

There were 7 caught over 20 Lb. and 71 over 10 LB.I still have choice date’s available for Dec. 10 – 17, Jan 14- 21 , Jan. 28 – Feb. 5 & Feb. 11 – 19.This could be you holding the next 20 LB. Monster Amazon Peacock Bass.

Mr. Ote came from Japan to catch this Trophy


 Call now before the date’s book up and you to can go on a Fishing Experiance of a Life time.Capt. Frank Carbone954-325-1115