Well, I looked forward to this trip since last year, once again having my Three Amigos from Puerto Rico.
The most important thing about fishing is having fun, and that we did.
On board was Carlino, Adam & the unforgetable Petro, A.K.A. El Professional, in his own mind of course.

The 3 Amigos

After having such a successful time last year the trio want to go back to the Lake Okeechobee for some of the same. The difference this time was the weather, windy , cold, and made fishing tough. I decided for the best results was to use all shiners.
We found a secluded spot out of the wind where the action start as Adam pulled in the first one about 2.5 LB – & then a 3.5 LB.
Then Pedro missed a big Bass , by setting up too soon. Adam then hit into a good .
Carlino caught his first bass , but Adam seemed to big top stick. Then the moment came where Pedro crowned himself “El Professional”
with this big Catfish, and would not shut up for the next hour about his catch. That night he promised that all Beer and Rum was on him.
At the end of the day there was a lot to talk about the fishing and fun we had. When we pulled up to the hotel there were the wives waiting for their men.
These romantic guys picked up roses for their brides, I guess they were hoping their luck wasn’t over. Like I said that’s what it’s all about having fun, and of course a few fish helps. The Guys end up with about a dozen Bass and of course 1 Giant Catfish to end the wonderful day.
Florida Bass

A Nice pair

Call now the some remaining open spots for the Holiday’s or the just if you want to get out of the cold this winter. We are approaching our main Largemouth Bass season so now is the time to catch That Lunker you have been hoping for.
Happy Holiday’s From The Hawghunter, Capt. Frank Carbone