What a great family I had on the water. Frank & Nicole Mc Entee from PA .with their to sons Lucas 5 and Colton 4.

Colton fam start

The brothers starter the day of by catching the first two peacock bass in the first 10 seconds of the day.

Lucas got the first and Colton the next one in 5 seconds.

Coleton lucas 1st Coleton1

They had to do it all catch the bait, pull up the anchor, reeling in the fish.  Sometimes I think they were more interested in the Gar.

Coleton bait Colton gar

Driving  the boat . Just two great well behaved kids.

Coleton driveColeton Lucas drive

Lucas Started thing off with a Peacock Bass and Dad ended it with a peacock Bass.

colton fam

This family made my day, and keeps me doing this year after year.