The past three days I had return client Nelson Whitlock and his buddy Jason Waters from Delaware.

Day 1 – We headed out to Miami for Peacock Bass Nelson stared the day off with two peacock bass, while Jason’s first was a Snook ,then a largemouth and next a Peacock bass to earn him a in-shore Grand Slam.
By 11:30 the boys were hungry and tired from a later flight the night before and with 29 fish in the boat they thought it would be time for lunch.

Nelson P Nelson snook

After another great lunch at Sonia’s and being exhausted they only fished a short time and catching another 3 peacock ‘s make a total of 32 , which made for a great banner day of fishing plus catch 5 different species.


Day-2 was an exceptional day as we fished The Everglades catching over 50 bass up to 6.10 LB. Most of the bass were caught on Gambler EZ swimmers any dark color and ace baits. The other were caught on spinner baits and jerk baits. Even I caught a nice one trying to stay out of their way, when the bites on it’s on.

Nelson LM Nelson Jason Nelson Me


Day 3 – With the amazement of how hard the peacock bass fight they wanted more action so off to another fishing hole for peacock bass. Surprising enough they caught 14 Largemouth and 9 peacock bass . “BUT” what made this a great Day for Nelson , was ay 9:40 am he hooked into the fight of his life and he circled the boat 4 time before landing his Trophy 5.10 LB. Male Butterfly Peacock Bass which made his trip. Nelson stated this fish fought more then his 9 LBer. he caught with me 4 years ago on Lake Okeechobee.

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Well needless to say the boys will be joining me next year in “The Amazon” for the monster 20 LB. Peacock bass. I am already taking reservations for next year.

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