Today’s Father & Son team was very special James SR. & James JR. Mauck. Both men are Vets and are proud to be Americans. James Sr. 85 years young fought in WW II , The Korean War and Vietnam, Jr. was in Vietnam at the same time and received a Purple Heart .  It men like these that allows us to Fish in Freedom.
One the first day the men hit the Peacock Bass and were amazed by the fight as thousand of Angler before them has.
The boys caught a few Peacock Bass 3 largemouth a 2 Oscars.

Nice 4 lb.

The next two days was all largemouth First day was Lake Okeechobee and what a day they had. The boys fish mostly all shiners and boy did it pay off.

What a Pair

After about a dozen Bass with the largest being about 3 LB. I headed to my other Fishing Hole.
Once there Jr. on his first shiner hooked into a nice 7 LB. then a 5 lb and a 4 lb.

What a catch

On day three we headed to The Everglade’s , catching much more Bass but none  were near the size that was caught on the Lake.
This is a great way to fish south Florida , come down for three days and I’ll show what Florida has to offer. Miami for Peacock Bass and Lake Okeechobee and The Everglades for largemouth Bass.
Capt. Frank Carbone , “The Hawghunter”guides 7 days a week.