" 28 LB."

New Capt. Peacock Record

World Record PeacockNow Official! – On June 1, 2010 the International Game Fish Association (IGFA) officially certified the 28 pound Peacock Bass caught by Bill Gassmann on February 9, 2010 as the new All-Tackle World Record, according to Captain Peacock Yachts & Expeditions owners Leonardo Leao and Nasser Fraxe. Gassmann ,of Des Moines Iowa,  caught the 37 -inch long with 25-inch girth, monster peacock bass aboard the Captain Peacock yacht operation while fishing in a backwater slough off the Rio Negro. The huge peacock hit his clown patterned Woodchopper and 1BWorldRecCertGass1CKellyWMoldafter a furious 12 minute battle, Bill and his guide Elvis were able to land the huge fish. “We are very happy to show the fishing world our exclusive concept combining mobility, safety and first-class service and accommodations in order to create unique moments like this,” says Leonardo and Nasser. “The opportunity is for every angler, from the first-time peacock bass fisherman up to the most knowledgeable ones. Since receiving the IGFA Certificate, Gassmann has traveled to Manaus for an awards presentation from the Capt. Peacock operators and Dallas taxidermist Ron Kelly also went down to cast a mold of the world record fish. Shown in the images are (L to R) Gassmann, Kelly and Leao holding fish, Gassmann holding IGFA Certificate and Kelly holding the Record Mold after returning to the U.S.   You can be the next record Holder join The Hawghunter onboard Capt. Peacock Luxury Yacht