Last week I had a great guy by the name of Marc Carlette from Switzerland.
Marc and I spent a nice out on the water catching over 30 Bass up to 5.5 lb. 
Everglade's largemouth Bass
Most of Marc’s fish were caught on Shiners until he ran out . The rest of the Bass were caught on Frogs, jerk baits, Zara Spooks,10 – 12″ worms down deep and of course Gambler Ace.
  5 lb. Largemouth caught on 10 " Worm
The best time has been first thing in the morning , not that we weren’t catching in the heat of the day, but it’s hot out there. By 1:00 PM you are ready for the swimming pool.

5.5lb. caught on a shiner

The action is good so come on down to South Florida for some top water action in The Florida Everglade’s with Capt. Frank Carbone, “The Hawghunter