YES, that’s right , for these remaining weeks You can take advantage of this cancellation discount.

Pay ONLY $4995.00

I am hosting the same week on the Jurubaxi December 7-15,2019. This is the same week that my group missed the WORLD LENGTH by only 1 cm. This is the only spots I have open for the rest of the 2019-2020 Season.

I am the Only one that can offer you this Private BIG FISH River.

October 5-12, 2019 8 Spots Very good Week I had a cancellation

December 7-15 ,2019 6 spots ( I’m hosting)

December 14-21 OPEN Week (SOLD)

January 25 – February 1,2020 8 Spots.

February 15 -25 , 2020 8 spots

Here are some Happy Clients that fished fish the Jurubaxi

All these 20 LBer. were caught on the same week Dec 7,2018 – 854 total Peacock’s 11 over 20 LB.

Biggest 25 LB. Below

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Call now while the spot are available

Kalua sept 2018

Capt. Frank Carbone 954-325-1115