What a day for this Alaskan couple . Danina Daniels bought her fiancé Ryan Parker for Christmas a two day peacock bass package.” l think she’s a keeper”.

Danina kissing

On day 1 the couple caught 19 Peacock Bass and 2 Largemouth , before lunch. They enjoyed a great lunch at Sonia’s and excellent waterfront Cafe’

After a long lunch they scored 7 more making a total of 26 for the day , not bad. nothing too big , the biggest being 3 lb.

Sonia's pix

Now on Day 2 this couple had a banner day here is just some of the results .Thing started out with Danina catching a nice 6 lb. male peacock Bass. then a 5 Lb’er.

DaninaDanina 1

Then Ryan broke off a monster 5.74 LB , only to come back 20 mins later by catching the same fish and retrieving my hook. Later after making a move the couple hooked into a double, a pair of nice 5’s.

Danina RyanDanina Double

From this point on the action never stopped, catching 36 Peacock bass 1- 6lb. 2- over 5 lb. several 4 lb. the rest all over 3 lbs. with the exception of only 6 that were under. “WOW”,What a Day!.

Danina 2Danina 3Danina3

 This action could be you ,call now while we are in our peak season for peacock Bass, you won’t regret it.

Capt. Frank Carbone, is waiting to take you out fishing.