We are catching Bass in The Everglades. In the past three day I had three different groups that had a ball.
First was the Stomberg family from Canada. This is one fishing Family, Mom did very well even though she was in the weeds most of the time, only kidding. Her and son Asher caught the most while Kylie caught the first and her only one, she decided to sun bath and eat pretzel’s instead of fishing.

A Fishing Family

Then there was 15 year Old  Nick Agnelli  from Palm Beach Fl. Nick single handed caught 42 Bass with some quality size to show off . Nick caught all his fish on Gambler Ace , color didn’t matter.

Nice Bass

Yesterday  was also 15 year old Lyle Dershowitz from New York as he experienced a great day on the water. Lyle is a very experienced fisherman and has a great passion for the sport.  Lyle caught most of his fish on his new Fly Rod, and boy did he break it in. Lyle caught his Bass on Poppers , clouser minnows and Ace also.
Right now you can catch  50 – 100 bass in the Florida Everglades so if your coming down for the holidays or if your just wanting to go fishing, now is the time, while the Glades is “HOT”.  The spawning season is starting to fill up so I suggest to book your date’s soon for this winter.
Happy  Holiday from “The Hawghunter, Capt. Frank Carbone.