Yesterday was a nice day on the water with a great couple from Colorado , Steve & Anita Wenrich . The day started out good with catching fish and missing a few more. After the couple got the hang of things and the proper hook sets, the cameras came out and the fun began. As the day went on we would catch a few fish at every spot some on shiners and others on gambler studs and rattle traps.
Steve started out the day with a nice 4 lb.
Anita & Steve 4
Then landed a nicer one on the trap
 Anita & Steve 2
As the day went on and the wind picked up slightly so I headed to a spot of mine to finish up the remaining shiners. Then Steve got what he came for,as he setup on a “HAWG”. The line started to strip the rod was bent ,as he shouted This is a big one. This bass surfaced and only his head came shaking out of the water .
His trophy was 8.75 LB. and measuring   26″ X 18″
Anita & Steve
Then the day end on a good note and the couple had a double making for an excellent day on the water with “The Hawghunter” , Capt. Frank Carbone
 Anita & Steve 3
As we near the spawning season you should book your dates and get out of the cold to catch what Lake Okeechobee is known for Big Bass.     Call 954-325-1115