For the past two days I had the pleasure of guiding three anglers from Japan,Masatusuga Yamada, Wataru Sakanashi & Takanori Suzuki. These were excellent Anglers with some of the best fishing gear and lures. The Japanese fisherman do not believe in using live bait, only artificial.   On day one I had them fishing a private lake I have access to , once there they started bring out the strangest lures I had ever seen. After an hour I convinced them to use the lure I knew would work best., here was some of the results. The boys totaled 27 Peacock and Large mouth up to 6.75 LB. or ( 54cm), On day two we headed to the Canals of Miami for some of the same action, again they boys struck gold, by catching several Peacock bass up to 6 lb. (50cm). Most of the fish were caught on jerk baits.     The two day total was over 50 fiish and the results were three very happy clients, with of course several hundred pictures. Don’t hesitate , call now for the upcoming peak season and see what all the talk is about these Peacock Bass 954-325-1115