The peacock bass fishing has continued to be nothing less then good. On a full day you can expect 20 peacock bass and as much as 40 . Last week I had two clients on a 1/2 day and they caught 18.
The good thing about fishing for the Peacock Bass in Miami and have an opportunity to catch other species. Laregemouth Bass, Snook Tarpon, Jacks, Carp and other tropical species.
Biker Jag
Here is a picture of around a 30 – 40 LB. Carp caught by 11 year old Matt Pressman
of Pembroke Pines Fl.
Even though he out fished his Dad Steve, owner of Pill Box Pharmacy’s Dad still caught the biggest Peacock Bass .
 Spress 2
Here are some other such a Luke & Mike from Virginia , these Bikers were on a ride down to Florida and wanted to try their luck with catching some peacock bass, and so they did.
 Biker BoysBiker mike
Join Capt. Frank Carbone  for an exciting day on the water , you won’t regret it.