Here is why South Florida is one of the fishery in the world. This is the only place you can catch both Peacock Bass and Big Largemouth Bass on the same trip.
This nice couple Heather Campbell & John Nguyen from Arkansas had a great two days of fishing.
They started out in Miami for Florida Peacock Bass , and on the very first cast, Heather caught this 4 lb. beauty. She then proceeded to catch 4 other before John caught his first, we won’t tell the size it was.
John then came back with his big one of the day.
By 10:00 am we were out of bait, they had gone through 7 doz. shiners, this was the first time we had run out so early.
After 33 peacock bass 5 Milan’s. and 1 Largemouth the couple decided to go back to the Hotel, for a cool drink.
On day two it was all Heather, as Lady Luck strikes again. We headed out to The Everglades, at the break of dawn. On the second cast,” it was on”, as we started to catch several Bass. Heather was using her favorite bait, a fluke within 20 mins. her rod bent over  she battled and landed her Big Bass of the day, a nice Florida 6 lb. Lunker. 
John was worming doing very well also ,he was working the bottom with a Gambler 10 ” Worm with a 4/0 X-Point Hook.
Heather then struck again with another nice bass , and by 11 am they both had enough bass and sun and again opt to go in. The count was over 40 Bass up to 6 lb.

So the summer pattern is on, and if you have some time, so does “The Hawghunter”, Capt. Frank Carbone who guides 7 days a week.