These fishing buddies Dave armour & Ryan Kauzcaric decided to get out of the cold of WI. and come on down to Sunny Florida for some Fishing.
Well they had three fantastic’s day’s of fishing , starting off with Peacock Bass catching over 20 peacock’s up to 5.5 lb.
 Dave armour 2 Dave armour Ryan
Then we headed to Lake Okeechobee for some great Largemouth action. They boys caught over 45 Bass up to 6.5 LB> all on wild shiners. What a day, considering the weather..
 Dave amour Okee1Dave amourvRyan OkeeDave amour okee 2
Day three was back to Miami where the action continued with the boys catching over 30 with 4 over 4 lb. and two 5 LB. including this big male caught by Dave.
Dave armour
See Florida is the only place where you can catch both Largemouth and Peacock Bass in the same place. We are in our Peak Season  so book your spot now.
Capt. Frank Carbone , “The Original Hawghunter”