Today I had Bob Olivio From IL. and his fishing buddy Dwayne. The day started catching some smaller Bass up to 3 lb. on Gambler Ace and EZ swimmers, the color didn’t matter. The boys have never fished in such heavy cover before.
Dwayne  landed the first few then Bob struck back. His bigger one came on the Big EZ.
 Okeechobee bass
After lunch we decided to use the shiners , in hopes of catching the Bigger Bass, and that they did. After a couple of misses Dwayne hooked this 8 LB. and landed his trophy. He battled this “HAWG” as it was stripping line and almost pulled him in the water as she went under the boat.

8 LB. "HAWG"

8 LB. “HAWG”

After a few more 3-4 Lb. Bass,  Bob landed his Lunker a 6 lb.
Okeechobee fishing report
this was the biggest bass either one has ever caught and the reason they came to Okeechobee and fish with “The Hawghunter”, Capt. Frank Carbone.
 Bob & Dwayne