Today I had a nice family from NJ , the Dowdie’s George, Donna & Zach. This was my first, a family that had never fished before. Well, I want to tell you they did exceptional well. In 3.5 hrs.  managed to catch 19 Fish, 13, Peacock’s 5 Mylan’s & 1 Largemouth.Young Zack caught the first 4 Peacock’s before Mom connected with her first ever.

His First time Fishing

Then George finally caught a Mylan Cichlids as he doubled up with Donna.As the family floated down the shoreline catching fish , Donna , caught her big one of the Day. 
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Lady Luck Strikes Again

Finally at 11:15 George caught his first Peacock bass and a nice one at that.  The family had a great time catching peacock Bass in Miami and so can you, just by calling. Good Fishin’