What a day we had on the Big “O”. Today we had a group fisherman from KY.
They experiences a day on the water like never before. Capt. Frank and his guides are on fish now and it’s 90 % top water action. This group threw mostly Gambler’s new EZ swimmer , any color worked , but I like Florida 5-O the best.
With the lake being so low you need to use much caution is important  knowing where to go. We are fishing in 2-3 ft. of water swimming the baits over the heavy cover causing the explosions.
Here are some of the results
Granvel Dulin  7.8  & Elijah Dulin 6.8
Terry Bullock  6.15 &  5
Kirk Dulin 6.5 & 5.10
There were more bass  caught over 5 lb. , but no picture’s. If you looking for some big bass on top water , The Hawghunter, Capt. Frank Carbone and Guides knows where to find them. Call now while the “Lake” is Hot. 954-325-1115