On this day I had Clients from my home town in New Jersey,  Will Anthony his girlfriend  Kristen and friend XXX Scott.
They wanted to catch some Big Bass, so I took my chances on a Cold windy day and went North to Lake Okeechobee.
When we got there it was 45 Degrees and windier then expected, which may finding a spot to fish difficult .
After several misses with the hook set , and both Kristen & Scott complaining about how cold it was Will called it a day at 9:30.
With not wanting to leave without a fish, I convinced Will to try one more spot. This decision change the whole day around. We anchored up in a cove off the rim ditch and with the first shiner Will caught about a 2.5 lb. largemouth.
 Lake Okeechobee Bass
Then the moment came, 5 mins later as this “HAWG” just exploded on his shiner, and the fight was on.
Will got his birthday present a nice Bass around 9LB. , well no one was cold anymore. as the sun came up and being protected by the trees it made for a nice day.
 9 lb . Bass
Everyone caught fish, the day went great ,and Will got his Largest Bass Ever.
If your coming down to south Florida for the holiday, make your reservation now the date’s are filling up. Happy holiday’s from “The Hawghunter”, Capt. Frank Carbone