What a beautiful day it was for fishing on Lake Okeechobee . Robert Garver from Kansas might have thought ” that there’s  know place like home” until he fished the Big “O” today.
The day started out with Robert on his 4 th cast ignited the first strike. Most of the day we through Gamblers Big EZ, as a matter of fact every Bass was caught on that bait.
As the day went on it was steady action . Then he caught a nice 4 lb.
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We mostly fished the outer grass lines of the Islands, in the heavy cover with Vicious 50 lb. braid with a good strong 5/0 wide gap X-point hook.
Every time we moved Mike seemed to catch another good bass this time a 5 lb.
The wind was out of the NE at about 5-10 MPH with some great cloud cover, just a perfect. Towards the end of the day we decided to go to our morning spot where there was good action.
After about 10 mins. the Big fish of the day was caught a Nice 6 lb. Okie Bass.
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6 LB. Top Water Bass

We estimated a 20 Lb. bag to complete a fantastic day on the water. With the lake up 3 feet , you can now run to your favorite spots once again. Come Join Capt. Frank Carbone & Hawghunter Guide Service while the conditions are just right “NOW”. Good Fishin’