In the past 5 years I have noticed more and more couples while on their Honeymoon have been booking trip with me. I think that’s great when a couple share time together on the water, like this couple Brent & Paige Urbaniak from Kansas City, Missouri.
We started out in Blue Lagoon, after about 10 mins. I spotted a large school of Fish, so we started to chase them down. When we got in range Brent through a Zara Spook in the middle of the school and hooked into a nice Jack Cavalla to start thinks off.
Paige, then answered it with a 3 lb. Peacock Bass that nearly pulled the rod out of her hands.
The real action started as we headed back into the canal system, which I always refer to as “The Venice of Miami”.
By 11:00 AM Paige was a little over heated, and  a bit of too much celebration the night before , so we head for some cold drinks and shade at Sonia’s Hide a way, a great little Cuban Cafe.
After lunch it back out for more action, as the couple ended up with about a dozen Peacock Bass up to 4 lb. and 1 Jack to end a great day and some nice picture’s for the Honeymoon Album.
Of course Paige caught the big one.

4 lb. Peacock Bass

Good luck to the both of you and stay happy.
Good Fishin’ from , “The Hawghunter”, Capt. Frank Carbone