Today I had Troy and Gaylyn La Fort from Louisiana,  trying their luck with some Peacock Bass.
The couple had a great day catching several Peacock bass on small shiners. I feel much of my success comes from using # 1 Daiichi Red Bleeding Bait Hooks . I feel that the color red attaches the Peacock Bass , as like the many lure’s I use that have red in them. I also change out my treble hooks on my lures even for the Largemouth.
The Day started our with Gaylyn catching the first Peacock Bass, which she wouldn’t hold.
Troy started out his day by catching a  4  lb. Largemouth Bass that gave him a nice fight . See the great thing about coming to South Florida is you can catch both Peacock & Largemouth at the same time , and there is no other place you can do that.
Then Troy took charge and there was no stopping him as he put fish in the boat.
 On this 3/4 day trip the couple boated 19 which were all released for the next angler, “YOU” to catch, this end another  great day on the Water, with “The Hawghunter”, Capt. Frank Carbone