From Switzerland to Miami for Peacock Bass
Today I had this Great couple from across the ocean to catch peacock bass, Reto Zimmermann and Sabina Krawczyk. Other then Reto catching a heron that dove for his shiner on his first cast. Sabina on her first cast caught this trophy peacock bass of 5 lb.

reto kneelReto2

As the day progressed on,) the weather got hotter and the bite got better. Sabina took control of the morning bite catching some quality Peacock Bass with some Largemouth Cichlids (Mylan, Mides, Oscar) and a small snook.

reto kneelReto LM

Then at 1 pm Reto took charge with 4 straight fish and on the 4th one Sabina doubled up then realizing Reto had a monster on his line which draw all the attention. It took him at least 5-6 mins. to land his True Florida Trophy Peacock bass. Weighting in at 6 LB. 1 OZ with a length . 21.5 “

Reto 6.1 LB

All in all the couple caught over 30 peacocks with 5 other species. The weather, the company, and the fishing was all good. This was a Banner day for sure for this couple from Switzerland.


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