Last weekend I had two Texan’s,  Darrell Norrid & Ken Hubbard. These two party animals had three great days of fishing & fun. I think they rock the Hard Rock, along with the fishing.
Day one we hit Lake Okeechobee, boy was the wind blowing that day. Never the less we boated over 60 Bass up to 4 lb.  The day started out throwing Flappin’ Shad’s & Skinny Dipper, over the heavy cover. Also Darrell caught the first fish of the day on a Gambler 10 ” worm to seart thing off. Going into the Afternoon we hit a big school of Bass coming off the lake. They caught countless Bass on rattle traps.  We then finished of the day in Bay bottom.
Lake Okeechobee Bass
The highlight of the trip was day Two, especially for Ken, he is still talking about those Peacock Bass.
Once again Darrell started thing off with the first catch of the day, then Ken answered with 4 in a row all in the 2-4 LB. range.
Then about 12:30 , it happened , Ken’s love for fishing changed, as he hooked into this trophy Florida Peacock Bass .
Ken experienced a fight of his life,like no other Largemouth before, stating that he has caught some monster on Lake Fork , but nothing compared to this 6 lb. Peacock Bass. It took about 5 mins. to wear this “HAWG” down before I could put a net under
Florida Peacock Bass
6 LB. Trophy
At the end of the day the guys boated 17 Peacock Bass and had a ball.
 Needless to say the boys will be back again, and will be joining me in The Amazon next year for a 20 LB monster.  
Amazon Peacock Bass

24. 5 LB. caught on Top water

Day three wasn’t as productive as the water levels are still high in the Everglade’s only catching 8 small bass , but taking a lot on Gator and scenery picture’s.
The boy’s will be bring back to Texas some nice memories of their Florida fishing experience with “The Hawghunter”, Capt. Frank Carbone.
If you are looking to get away for a weekend our post spawning season is coming up for the largemouth. If you are planning a winter trip book early , our busy season starts from the Holiday’s until May. Good Fishin’.