The Everglades action continues to be successful especially on Artificial Baits , such as Gambler Ace wacky style. Also we have been catching them deep on big worms.
Needless to say Shiners are always a good choice as Master Angler Matt Pressman from Pembroke Pines Fl. found out last Saturday. Matt on his first two shiners caught this beautiful 7 lb. and on the very next shiner caught a 5 lb.
As always he out shined his Dad, Steve owner of The Pillbox Pharmacy , and this was Steve’s Birthday Present Trip. Matt did feel bad, and let Dad hold his fish for the picture, “Yea Right”.

At the end of the day the father & son caught over 40 bass mostly on shiners and when they ran out plastic worms.
Next I had another Father & Son from Georgia Robert and & Robert JR. Kidd. These boys used only Artificial plastics. Again wacky style Gambler ace and the bigger Bass came on 12″ worms deep. On Jr. last cast of the day he caught this nice Bass to end a great day on the water.
As the water is dropping the bass are filtering into the canals and making the action fantastic. So if you thinking of coming down for a good day of fishing this is the time. Give us a call or emails us . Capt. Frank Carbone  saids come on down and join the Fun.