Today I had Gonzalo Senosian and his cousin Victor from Mexico City, Mexico.
This was Gonzalo’s last hooray before getting married , I did understand there was going to be a bachelor party also.   
Well the day started out slow and it was a tough bite.The bass were just softly picking up the bait and swimming off with it. When the anglers felt a little resistance , “set the hook”.
I tried swimming a Big EZ which was creating the explosion but couldn’t put a hook in it.
Then Gonzalo caught his first Florida Bass and a good one at  that, a nice 5 lb. on a Gambler Ace.

5 lb. Bass

By the end of the trip we had landed about 20 Bass all were a good size 3-5 lb. , with the exception of three smaller ones.
The key to being successful in The Glades right now is being patient , and you’ll catch them, work the Bait slow.

A nice Pair of Bass

The boys had a good time and caught some of their Bigger Bass ever, the lake they fish in Mexico is plentiful but not too much in size.