Come join us and Fish Columbia
              Monster Peacock Bass & Payara
                       January 2 -12 2023
Trip cost is “ONLY” $4500 All-inclusive 7 Days of fishing. 5 Days of Peacocks & 2 Days of Payara
(Optional option- 6 days of fishing $4300)
Enjoy fine dining prepared by their Chefs


Experience the best fishing in the Amazon basin in luxurious accommodations.All cabins have A/C  & Private Bathrooms and showers
Asiwere means Big Peacock bass . Fish for monster peacock bass, payara on topwater, 20 pound pacu on flies and lures, dis proportionally large matrinxa’s, gilded and red tail catfish over 100 pounds, giant piraiba and tambaqui pushing 80 pounds. It’s great when you have several of these species in one place, but to have all these species, in these sizes and abundance is nothing short of spectacular
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Captain Frank Carbone