Well, the Everglades was on fire this day for Tim Lander and his Son Jack from Parkland FL.Tim and Jack are relative’s of Joey Di Renizio who caught the 11 Lb. a few weeks ago.11 Lb. Largemouth BassEven though they didn’t get one that big ,they caught over 60 Bass .

After 6 Doz. shiners young Jack caught more bass , but Dad had the bragging rights with catching the Bigger Bass.
Jack had lost 2 bass that would have topped Dad’s by a few pounds. Last I heard he is still dreaming of the one or two that got away.
Today this Father & Son shared a great day on the water with The Hawgbhunter, Capt. Frank Carbone.

A nice Pair of Bass

So all you Northern’s get out of the cold and join us in the sun for some good Florida Bassin’.