Attention all you Families out there if your looking for a nice healthy day out with “The Family” Bass fishing is the way to go.This past week I had 2 Families join me for some Bass Catchin’ . First I had repeat Family from Adventura , Florida Alejandra Cohn & Solomon 7 & Stephie 5. As you can see Mom went a little crazy with the sun block. In a 1/2 Day the kids caught 20 as Solo counted everyone this is a great family and I always look forward to see them again. they have also fished with me for Peacock Bass.Next there was the Castellanos family from Pembroke Pines Florida, Andres & Michelle with there Children Miguel & Anaika.This family joined me for the first and never caught so many Bass before. Young 6 year old Anaika was Top Angler with catching the first Most & Biggest 3 lb. All together they caught 30 – 40 Bass and 4 Bofin’s & 3 Brim. What a Great day. So give Capt. Frank Carbone a call the next time you want to spend some time with the “Family”. visit for more information.