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Chris Charney from Georgia with his Son Evan “The Hammer” & Brother-in-Law Bob had a great day on the water. Before I could get the Purple Haze in the Water the boys caught 3 Peacock. As the day went on the action continued as they took chances catching fish. Evan lived up to his nickname “The Hammer” as he hammer peacock’s one after the other. By the end of the day this family boated well over 20 Peacock’s also Dad & Evan earned Angler citations. Another highlight came when both Evan & Uncle Bob had a double. The boys headed back to Georgia with plenty of pictures and memories to go long with it. Until next Time Good Fishin’ .

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Repeat Client Keisuke Ota from Japan had such a Great time last year that he decided to bring his Father Hidefumi to join in on the fun this year. They fished for 4 Days, catching both Peacock & Largemouth Bass using ONLY artificial lures.Hidefumi’s goal was to catch a Big Bass, this was his wish, to take back to Japan.Day 1 – We headed out to the Park in the Everglade’s, with all the rain and high water conditions it made fishing a bit tough. The boys managed to catch 12 Bass and Keisuke at the end of the day caught a nice 4 lb. on a Cane Toad by Gambler.Day 2- It was south to Miami for Peacock Bass our first spot didn’t work out to well they only caught largemouth 6 total. So we headed to another location, once there K caught a peacock to break the ice. The remainder of the day produced 5 more Peacock Bass before the storm ran us off the water. Day- 3 Again we had problems, with all the rain the gates were open causing muddy water conditions and fast currant . Then finally way back in the canal system the boys found some action and Hidefumi caught his First Peacock Bass. They bass were hitting mostly top water baits, chug bugs & torpedo’s. On this day the Father & Son team caught 7 Peacock Bass.Final Day – K wanted to go where he had caught his 5 lb. Largemouth last year which measured 50 cm. his new record. Also on Lake Ida you can catch Peacock Bass also. Once again things were tough , until you find the right spot. Towards mid-day we were in the spot K caught his record and with remembering the same stick he threw in his jerk bait, and would you believe it he catches the same size Bass 50 cm, could it be the same fish? Now I was determined to fulfill Hidefumi dream and get him his Big Bass, we headed back to Lake Edna we were that morning. I had found that...

Monster Amazon Peacock Bass

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WOW! What a week of Fantastic Fishing in the Amazon for “Monster” Peacock Bass.As always, we caught several large Peacock Bass, aboard the Amazon Santana and fished out of NEW Bass Trackers w/ 60 HP engines. By the end of the week we caught 467 Peacock’s plus a variety of other species , some of the strangest looking fish. 1 out of 5 Peacock’s were over 10 LB and, are you ready for this, 28 were over 20 LB. with the biggest being 24.12lb. and there were 3 other 24 pounders caught also!The day starts out with a wake up call at 5 AM then a big buffet breakfast, and a nice box lunch to go. Then, you make your way to back of the boat where your personal English Speaking Guide is waiting for you with your rods & reels and a cooler filled with drinks and a lot of Ice. After 5 hrs. of hard fishing for those massive explosion in hopes of landing your Trophy, you stop for an hour Lunch under a shady tree. You return to the Yacht at 5 PM where you are then greeted by Harry with an Ice Cold Glass of Tropical juices. After the excitement of everyone talking about there experience, you then shower up for a cocktail hour every day with Hot & Cold Hor d’oeuvres and a fully stock Open Bar from 6-7 PM. The dinner bell ring sharply at 7 PM where you will find an selection of gourmet meats, fish & chicken with all the trimmings. After your belly is full, you can sit on the top deck with an after dinner drink while you travel to the next fishing hole or watch a Movie, read a book or just get a good nights sleep for the next day.After 7 days of hard fishing on the water, you are then rewarded with an over stay at a 5-Star Resort “The Tropical Hotel” in Manaus where you can relax poolside, go touring or shopping in the Market Place.This is a 1st Class fishing adventure that is second-to-none,...

Father & Son Florida Bassin’

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The past two day’s I had Stacey Richards & his Dad from North Carolina. The first day we went the Glade’s for some Largemouth action. The action was good , but the size started out small with catching only 1.5 – 2.4 lb bass. The bass were being caught on Gambler Ace & Toads , also the boys were throwing buzz baits. Towards the second half of the day they caught a nice 4 & 5 lb largemouth the end the day totaling 30 keepers. All the bass today were released for the next angler to catch.On Day two It was all Peacock Bass action, with the sun shining and blue bird sky’s the fishing was great. Bill starting out the day with the first of 25 Peacock’s.Stacey was getting the hits but it must have been those rubber hooks, cheap line,sun in his eye’s, bad knots or something else to make him miss all those peacock bass. Then after Dad gave him a few pointers he started to hook up as the boys went back and forth catching fish. The excitement came when a 50 – 60 LB. Tarpon rolled and hit their bait 3 time , but never took the lure. OH! by the way Dad caught the biggest Peacock Bass.This was a great day as both Father & Son shared some nice memories on the water together, because that’s what it all about.

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