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This was My first trip to The Amazon on board the Demeni and it won’t be my last. The unique thing about this Fishing Adventure, It is built to go where the others can’t . What this means is less fishing pressure, more and bigger Peacock Bass. The Yacht is designed to take a little as 4 anglers and up to 8 . This is great for a private corporate groups or just a bunch of friends. They will also customize it to your needs.  On this trip it was a combination of 8 of  my clients that have fished with me in Florida. I can book 1 or 2 anglers also, not just groups, just like any other trip in the past. We had caught 747 Peacock bass only and several other species, piranha, dog fish, wolf fish, arowana and even barracuda. The biggest were two over 20 lb. and one 21 LB. 19 LB.  &  18 LB. Gary’s Testimonial –  Tremendous adventure! Great group. Fishing was awesome. 16 over 15 lb. The Guides were “GREAT” they took us to the most remote parts of the thickest parts of the jungle and macheted  us to the hidden lakes On out last night while still in Barcelos the Outfitter built a nice hotel just for this yacht’s guest only and cooked up a great Brazilian steak dinner for us. I can’t express anymore how well we were treated. This was a hassle free experience for me and he was wonderful to deal with. Join me next Sept. only a few spots left. When the trip was over the owner took us around Manaus for a tour of the markets and to buy gifts , then a Brazilian steakhouse afterwards. 

Full Report

In the last report the Demeni yacht caught over 900 Peacock Bass with only 8 Anglers. They had several over 18 LB. and 12 over 20 ,the biggest being 22.5 LB. The Peacock ‘s were caught on prop lures, jigs and jumping minnows. Now that’s some fishing , “What a trip”. You will catch not only peacock Bass but Wolf fish, Payere, Piranha, Arawana  just to mention a few of the species. There are only a very few dates left for this season. I am already excepting reservations for next year. This is truely a “Bucket List trip , that is a must.    

Full Report

If your looking for a trip of a lifetime and a true “Bucket List” fishing trip The Amazon is it. I still have choice weeks available from $3995- $5950 Call now for details.954-325-1115 or visit my amazon page www.amazonpeacockbasstrip.com   You will experience top water explosions like never before.     Here are just some of the hundreds of clients the I’ve taken with me to “The Amazon”     CALL NOW for the 2015 – 2016 season , you’ll thanks me

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