WOW! what a day for Chris & Barb King from Wisconsin. This couple of cheese heads had some heck of a day.  
Barb started thing off with the first catch of the day.
It didn’t take Chris long to answer back, with a handful of 3-4 lb. bass, until This “HAWG”, came flying out of the water after he set the hook on a 9 lb. Okeechobee Bass .

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9 lb. "HAWG"

Then Barb had the catch of the day a big old Catfish
Chris is a repeat clients of several , but this was the first time I had the pleasure of meeting Barb. Couples like these two is what mades my job so enjoyable.
  Chris then came back with one close to 9 lb. What a Day

A fishing Couple for 28 years

This was a day of fishing with wild Shiners on The “Big “O” 
Capt. Frank Carbone and Staff of Hawghunter Guides want to wish you all a Season Greeting and a Happy & Healthy New Year